Since 1998, we have adapted our Company Leadership to Quality Standards. This has allowed us to meet our customers’ expectations at all stages of the relationship.

At the commercial level, we are always careful to implement a policy for the realization of products, but also services that meet the needs of Customers and help them to reach the goals they have set themselves.

At the administrative level we are constantly committed to establishing a clear relationship with both Customers and Suppliers; contracts, communications and all documentation are always simple, comprehensible and transparent;

At our technological level, our efforts are aimed at providing products and services that meet standards, with the aim of continuously monitoring the quality and safety of the product.

At the ethical level we are always careful to create a safe business environment, to select workers on specific skills and capabilities, to ensure them a uniform and equal treatment; this allows our employees to find satisfaction with their own expectations and to express their attitudes fully in order to be able to better develop their work.

Our certifications:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 22005:2007
GSFS Global Standard for Food Safety
IFS International Food Standard
Certificato di conformità REG. CE 834/2007 Prosciutto Crudo Biologico